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Furnace Transformer

Furnace Transformer Suppliers
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We are one of the premier and largest furnace transformer manufacturers in Mumbai, India. Our product is available with a tuned inverter circuit for the pulsating Voltage generation. This pulsating voltage in turn assists in generating a medium frequency voltage to the induction coil which produces a magnetic field to induce eddy currents in the charge and heat it. The heating is due to induction furnace's nonlinear load characteristics that give rise to Harmonic currents and harmonic frequencies.

This harmonic frequency and harmonic current develop non sinusoidal voltage drops in system impedance and the voltage applied to transformer gets distorted. Due to this, there is Eddy current & Hysteresis losses in conductor and magnetic components of transformers. This in turn increases the temperature of transformer and reduces the utilizable capacity of transformer.

Our special design expertise in handling nonlinear load associated problems reveals our consistent endeavor in the field. Neel has been offering power quality solutions since 1979 as the furnace transformer manufacturers in the country.

Special features of NEEL make Furnace Transformers.
  Higher cross section & use of multistrend copper conductors to reduce Eddy current losses.
b Use of high permeability, Low losse electrical steel used at a lower flux density to reduce harmonic frequency losses.
furnace transformers suppliers Provision of electrostatic earth sheild between windings to protect rectifier elements against Line voltage surges.
b Confirming to IS standard - 2026 / 11171

Furnace Transformer Technical Specification

b Capacity Up to 2.5 MVA
b Input Voltage Up to 33 KV
b Output Voltage As Required

(Available in Dry type and Oil-cooled)


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