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powerlux - light energy management system
Powerlux / OptiLux Specification pdf PDF Download Specification Enquiry Form

Recipient of best product appreciation award at Elecrama 2006 Exhibition.

Powerlux / OptiLux is a comprehensive system which can be connected to lighting loads of all kinds. This includes Florescent lights, Sodium vapor (High and Low pressure), Mercury Vapor, Incandescent bulbs etc. The System is fully programmable from the embedded controller and via easy to use PC software.

Lighting energy constitutes a substantial part of the overall energy consumption in Industries, Shop floors, Office space, Yards etc. From 25 to 40 % energy can be saved, while reducing losses, wastages and over lighting conditions. OptiLux enables corporations to save energy by eliminating waste via facility wide dimming and switching. Using the software, the facility operator can locally or remotely access OptiLux and manage energy savings.

Salient features
b Embedded controler with software intraface via RS - 232.
b Large 20x4 LCD with Backlight, displays Time/ Date and Current Preset Level.
b Fully Programmable Daily / monthly / Yearly calendar with holiday scheduler.
b Auto Start / Shut down with 0-30 minute ignition cycle.
b Circuit breaker for short circuit and overload protection.
b View power and Energy usage.
b Upcoming Features:

Lumen sensing, Intelligent Lumen depreciation Compensation, Independent lighting circuit control.

Direct cost savings upto 40% can be achived by usin Optilux.
These savings are three pronged
b Saving due to preset Voltage levels (25-40%)
b Saving due to Stabilise Voltage (4-6%)
b Saving due to increase lamp life, reduce replacement and maintenance cost

Lighting sources are susceptible to mains fluctuations and spikes. To operate at full life cycle and to maintain Lumen output, these lights need to operate at a voltage which dose not exceed more than 5% from the manufacturers specification. The brain of the system is an embedded controler which regulates the Luminous flux intencity of lighting sources. Optilux starts by automatically initialising lamp ignition cycle (warm up cycle) for the desired time. After this the regulator slowly reaches the rated voltage levels. When for various reasons peak lighting levels are not needed, the regulator reduces the voltage powering the lamps, thus acheiving a significatnt energy saving.

Technical Specifications
b Input Voltage 360V - 460V 3 phase, 4 wire
b Rating 15, 27.5, 37.5, 50, 75, 112, 150, 220 KVA
b Output Voltage
230 / 220 / 210 V Stabilised
b Frequency 47 - 53 Hz
b Efficiency > 98%
b Accuracy 1%
b Wave form distortion Nil
b Enclosure IP 21
b Real Time Monitoring 3Ph V, I,F, VA, KVA, KW, KWH, KVAR, Min, Max, Avg Values
b Load Variation 0 TO 100%


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