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K Rated Transformer
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‘K’ Rated Transformer are designed to reduce the heating effect of harmonic currents produced by non-linear loads. A standard transformer is not designed for non linear load and will overheat and fail prematurely when connected to these loads. K- Factor is defined as a ratio between the additional losses due to harmonics and the eddy current losses at 50 Hz. It is used to evaluate transformers for non-linear loads. Transformers with a rated K- factor of 4, 7, 13, 20 and 30 are available.

The ANSI/IEEEE C57. 110 has derived a system of weighing how much harmonic load currents a transformer can handle without exceeding its maximum temperature rise level. A K factor of 1 indicates no harmonics, while a K factor of 50 is the harshest harmonic environment possible. Typically a K Factor of 13 is sufficient for most applications. K factor must be determined to calculate the right size transformer that is needed.

Special features
b Copper windings.
b Lower Output Impedance.
b Excellent transverse mode noise attenuation.
b Coil design is optimized for low eddy current loss and high harmonic current carrying capacity.
b Cores designed for reduced flux densities to compensate for harmonic voltage distortion.
b Double size neutral terminal
b Core of high quality electrical steel.
b Quiet operation.
b Ref. Standard UL-1561 , IEEE-C-57-110,1

b Data centres, Call Centres, IPO
b Induction Heaters / Inverters
b UPS , VFD’S and Drives
b HID Lightings
b Hospital / Medical Centres , Research Labs
b Corporate , Banking and Financial Institutions

Technical Specifications
  Neelkanth Dry type K Factor Transformer available from K1 upto and including K20
b KVA Rating Upto 1000 KVA
b Impedance 3 - 4 %
b Input Voltage 415 Volts           ( other Voltage on Request )
b Output Voltage 415 / 200 Volts  ( other Voltage on Request )
b Input / Output configuration Delta / Star  or Zig - Zag
b Construction Dry Type, Double wound, Air Cooled, Common core, Varnish and vacuum impregnated
b Winding Copper
b Neutral Conductor Rating 200 %
b Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
b Insulation Class / Level >H Class / 180 deg. C
b Maximum temperature rise 125 deg. C
b Enclosure type M S Enclosure as per IP21
b Enclosure Finish Siemens Gray, RAL 7035 ( Other colours available on request )
b Flash Test / H.V Test 2500 Volts between winding to winding and to Earth
b Ambient temperature 0 – 45 deg. C
b Operating Humidity 0 to 90 % , non condensing
b Reference Standard UL-1561, IEEE-C 57-110,IS - 11171


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