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Basic Systems :Includes reactors to limit the inrush current
Detuned Systems : Includes iron core reactors that detune the network to prevent resonance and absorb harmonics
Unbalanced Systems:Applcable even for unbalanced load conditions.
Ratings : Available from 100 to 2000 KVAR

power monitoring and analysis
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Salient features
b Fast variable loads like CNC machines, welding, induction heating/melting, drives, extruders, etc.
b Sensitive electronic equipments like IT data centres, R&D labs, corporate offices, telecommunications, hospitals and airports.
b Welding, rolling mills, elevators, cranes, traction, etc.
b Big motors, pumping stations, sewage and water-treatment plants, air-conditioning plants

Smooth and transient free
Connection and disconnection of the capacitor to and from the network occurs at zero crossing. This smooth connection avoids transient effects like waveform distortions, generation of switching spikes etc., typically created by electromechanically switched contactor based APFC systems. The response time is only 1 to 2 cycles which is much faster than electromechanically switched APFC systems.

b Transient free capacitor group switching, using electronic switching elements
b Enhances capacity of transformers, local generator systems, such as diesel and windmill generators
b Avoids wave form distortions, since capacitors are connected and disconnected during zero crossing
b Prevents damage to sensitive electronic equipment
b Saves energy by reduced max. demand, PF bonus & saving in transformer losses
b Accurate power factor control, even in the presence of harmonics
b Dramatically increases the life expectancy of switching elements and capacitors.
b Built-in network analyzer, measuring all network parameters including harmonics
b Modular and upgradable with increased plant load

b Automobiles & Engineering industries.
b Compressors, Presses, Air conditioning plants etc.
b Welding and Sheet Metal fabrications industries.
b Plastic, Moulding & Extrusion industries.
b Textiles, Text?ring, Yarns and POY plants.
b Process industries & large power consumption units.
b Metals and steel plants, Induction equipment, Arc Furnaces, Forging Industries etc.


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